Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kugenuma Seaside

Probably 鵠沼海岸 is hard Kanji to read even for Japanese. 鵠沼海岸(Kugenuma Kaigan) is in Fujisawa city in Kanagawa prefecture. Some of you many know 湘南海岸(Shonan Kaigan), and Kugenuma Kaigan is so close to the beach.

Both Kugenuma Kaigan and Shonan Kaigan are very well-known as surfing beach. You can see people surfing all the time but winter; since spring to autumn. More photos.

I went Kugenuma Kaigan for the first time with my colleagues. It took about one hour by train from Yokohama, and it takes 25 minutes walk from 鵠沼海岸駅(Kugenuma Kaigan Station).

The day was not enough to go into the water; I was wearing swimming suits though. However, I enjoyed its summer and beach air a lot. Amazingly, there were so many crams in the sand, of course alive ones, and we even could see fish swimming at the shallows. Numerous seagulls were hunting those fish. That was pretty much summer beach. Here is interesting movie I took. A cram is escaping into the sand!

On August, there will be people at Kugenuma Kaigan and Shonan Kaigan. I know Shonan Kaigan is so famous and be crowded a lot, just like as no place to even sit down! However, Kugenuma has much room to relax and time your own beach time. You can check what Kugenuma Kaigan is like with live camera.


yoko said...

Looks great!! I miss Japanese Bento Box!!!

kayanon said...


Do you miss Bento? Come here, I can make it for you! Well, that Bento was my collegue's hand-made which was so good!

Kuge said...

Great post. Just FYI that Kugenuma beach is part of Shonan beach. Shonan beach includes many names of beach along the coast. It's probably streth from Zushi area to Hiratsuka. I don't know why is's called shonan though. There used to be a discussion about merging three cities* as City of Shonan.

*Kamakura, Fujisawa and Chigasaki

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