Saturday, July 07, 2007

Love Romance Beyond The Milky Way

What would you do if you are allowed to meet the person you love only one time per year? You may go crazy or give up the relationship? There is a couple(stars) who meet each other annual year, on July 7th legends concerning the Tanabata(七夕) festival in Japan.

Orihime(織姫) and Hikoboshi(彦星) have such a long long distance relationship in the milky way. Orihime is daughter of the Lord of Heaven, and she was hard worker. Hikoboshi also worked hard everyday. The Lord of Heaven approved two young couples marriage one day. However, they prefer to their married life, and became lazy and stop working. The Lord of Heaven was furious with them and made them separate beyond the Milky Way, only allowed to meat one time on July 7th though. Then, July 7 is celebrated two stars and called, Tanabata(七夕).

People celebrate Tanabata festival having bamboo with Tanzaku(短冊), a strip of fancy paper written people’s wish on it. Here is the picture. It is said your wish comes true if you write your wish on Tanzaku.

Today, there will appear great Milky Way if the weather is good. What do you wish on Tanabata?

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PBY said...

I knew about Tanabata, but is the festival only based on the milky way legend? Or this date was chosen because wish come true in the milky way?

I think that the bambou and wish paper must be fun to do, no?