Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Holiday Unique To Japan

In Japan, there is a Day called '海の日’. 海の日 is one of Japanese national holidays and called “Marine Day” in English. The point of the day is to appreciate the blessing of ocean and wish prosperity of Marine country, Japan. 海の日 was just an anniversary(the day used to be called “海の記念日/Umi-no-kinembi” at the time) but turned into national holiday in 1996. 海の日 is on the third Monday in July, so this year is July 16th.

According to the description of the Ministry of Land, “Japan is the only one country in the world that has Marine day as a national holiday.” Since the 海の日 is a sort of new holiday in Japan, we have few event on the day. We may be able to celebrate this day by eating fish, going out the ocean, or even clean up the beaches. Anyway, Japanese people should thank to the ocean surrounds the country. The environment created this culture and developed people. Thanks, 海の日!

This pictures were taken at "海の公園(Umi-no-kouen)". 海の公園 is in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, and the beach is really close to my living place! This beach is the only one beach for swimming in Yokohama. I sometimes go there with my friend to relax. I took this pictures on April 30th...amazing.

Here is the list of Japanese national holidays.


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