Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Car Saves Your Life

Nissan motors announced they developed concept car which prevents drunken driving with some functions that detect alcohol smell in the car. This development is the first attempt in Japan.

The concept car detects alcohol using shift lever from sweat on your palm and with sensor on the driving seat by alcohol smell that comes out from your body.

When the car detects alcohol which can be drunken driving, it tells you with various messages and sounds, and rock the car not to drive.

Moreover, a small camera attached to the meter at driving seat watches how long the driver close their eyes, also the car watches how much the driving winds. If the driving is considered as having possibilities of dozing driving or drunken driving, the car warns and rolls up safety belt several times.

Nissan motors are going to have more experiments and consider to put the car to practical use in the future.

Photos of Nissan Concept Car


yoko said...

Are you serious? Oh my, sounds so futuristic! I don’t know if I felt comfortable to be monitored by machine, but definitely it’s good for the driver and good for the other people, so basically good for everybody. I’m just wondering what if you as a driver were OK, but your passenger were heavily drunk… air sensor wouldn’t misjudge as if you were drunk?? Anyway, it’s very interesting!! And I need to get driving licence before discussing any of those stuffs… (god, I really want to drive!!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it seems like I read about this a few weeks ago. I'm sure it needs some tweeking but it would be a good idea...

Off topic....great blog. I've been lurking here for quite some time and it's very informative.

kayanon said...

Hi Yoko!

Yeah, it's unbelievable car! In Japan, dranken driving is a big problem in a few years. Do you know the accident happend in Fukuoka? Young city officer killed 2 children, and he was drank. Other else, officers drunken driving is obviously broadcast on TV. Therefore, people's eyes against it is enhanced.

About your opinion, the can misjudge if the passenger are really drank. However, I think it is still effective way to avoid an accident. You never know what drank people will act in a car. Anyway, Nissan will do fine, and I think Toyota also is developping something related to it.

kayanon said...

To Anoymous>

Thanks for visiting(lurking:)my blog. I wish I could write more often and renew my blog. I hope to have you here again!

PBY said...

That are very interesting research.

Even if I have personally no use for the first part, the dozing watching can be very helpful.

I have already sleep for 1-2 seconds while driving, it's not pleasant!

It also happened when I was piloting a glider, but we a lot more room in the sky, and, as the glider was stalling, it totally woke me up.

kayanon said...


Hi, how are you? Oh please don't close your eyes while you are piloting a glider. It sounds much scary! There will be concept glider in the future ?! sounds great!

PBY said...

I'm fine.
It sounds scary, but while piloting, generally (not near the ground or other objects), you can close your eyes for 10 seconds without problems.

For concept glider, it is not really concept, but more high-performance prototype, like the ETA. Some other research are done on instruments, but either they impracticable or too costly, or they are available to public very quickly, like the detection of incoming aircraft FLARM.

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