Saturday, August 11, 2007

Find Your Month in Japanese

I think some of you guys who are interested in Japanese and reading this website know how to write month in Japanese; 一月、二月、三月…十一月、十二月. How about the month in different way of writing? In old Japan, people showed months as Kanji like below list. Those Kanji are still used to show a month. I was born in 葉月. Which month were you born in?

Reason: There are various views of 睦月, and most convincing one is to mean having a banquet with whole family.

Reason: 如月is used in China as another name of February.

Reason: The month that plants grow thickly.

Reason: There are several views of 卯月. However, it is considered as the month a plant, deutzia blooms.

Reason: The month to plant rice seedlings

Reason: There are several views of 水無月. There are two convincing reasons. First, the month lucks of water after rainy season. Second, the month that filling water into rice field.

Reason: This month is related to Tanabata, and people give poetry. (not certain reason found)

Reason: The strongest reason of 葉月 is the month leaves fall down.

Reason: The shortened word of 夜長月(yonagatsuki/ the month nights get longer) is strong reason.

Reason: The month Gods from all over Japan are out of their towns because they gather Izumotaisha in Shimane prefecture to talk about a year.

Reason: The month to have frost

Reason: Final month of the year


Piccola said...

That's interesting. :) My month is Tanabe month :D 文月~

kayanon said...

Hi piccola,

Thanks for your quick comment! So your birthday and mine are close!

PBY said...

Now I understand. It's always puzzled me that Japanese is the only language I know without proper name for month, even the French revolutionary calendar had specific names.

I was born in Uzuki.

kayanon said...


It is interesting to hear people's birth month! I somehow like the sound of Uzuki.

Bernat said...


kayanon said...


Everybody here has different month! anybody new? :)

Ragge said...

Hey! My month is Fuzuki(文月)

Wish you a nice weekend!

kayanon said...

hi ragge>

You were born in Fuzuki! It just passed! how was your birthday this year? have a good weekend!

Ragge said...

Yeah, not long ago ;-) It was very nice, but the weather was crap, usually sunshine, but it was raining more than ever.

kayanon said...


I hope you will have great year! (A bit late but) Happy Birthday!

I will have my birthday this saturday actually. I hope its gonna be great day.

Adekun said...

I like growing vegetables, my month is Satsuki.

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