Sunday, August 26, 2007

Firework Festival in Kanazawa ward

On Augusut 25th, my friend and I went to see fireworks at beach. We went there wearing Yukata which is an informal cotton kimono for summer wear.

Enjoy videos and a few photos!


soursop said...

how are you doing!
what a nice firework, kayanon! thanks so much for sharing...
i went to a japanese natsu matsuri in singapore yesterday, it was nice to see a lot of performances and various food and games there. i enjoyed myself with friends so much. one thing we didn't have here is the summer fireworks though.... seeing your firework clip has just made it complete ^^

PBY said...

Nice fireworks. It's a bit different from what we have here. In France, we have a lot of fireworks type and effects. Since people seek always new things, only traditional fireworks are no more done. As the fireworks are going more complex, price rise, so only big event have now fireworks.

Japanese culture said...

Beautiful firework! And I like your dress very much. It is a Japanese traditional dress I guess. I have seen it in TV. I like your culture and admire it. Thanks for the nice post.

Anonymous said...

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