Saturday, September 29, 2007

Japanese Slang –KY-

“KY” looks it comes from English or alphabet language, but this is Japanese slang.

“KY (ケーワイ)” is shortened word of “Kuki Yomenai (空気よめない)”. It is used for person who is unable to read a situation. For instance, a guy keeps talking to his favorite girl like forever. The girl is totally fed up with listening to his talking, and shows bored feeling on her face. However, he doesn’t notice that she is bored, and just doesn’t stop talking. The guy is KY like in this case. KY also has another meaning of Kuki Yome, saying a person to read a situation. It is used to describe a person mainly though.

This slang was born on the Internet, and gradually started to be used in real by young people use KY, and old people don’t know/use this.

By the way, do you know what is “JK” shortened for? This is also new slang among young people. Hint: it is for girls who go to high school.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sunday, September 09, 2007

What Do You Have In Your Brain?

Isn’t it fun and curious if you can see what people think in real? You can find it out with “脳内メーカー(Nounai Maker)” by Usoko Maker. 脳内メーカー is popular website among Japanese now.

You just type your name (or someone’s name if you want to know), and 脳内メーカー tells you what you really think in your brain. I tried mine, and here it is.

Well, I don’t want to explain about inside my brain, but I do. You can see several Kanji in my brain, and they show what I am thinking. My brain has “休”, “金”, “友”, and “H”. So, I seem to think about “resting”, “money”, “friends” and “erotic thing”!

In case you try this, you type first and last name in Kanji if you have Kanji name. If you have alphabet name, you need to change it into Katakana, and it would work. For instance, “George Bush” can be “ジョージブッシュ”. Here is his brain inside. Wow, what a brain…!

脳内メーカー of course has unfounded way of judge people's inside brain, and it is just for having fun. It judge Kanji in your brain from Kanji in your name or Katanana, I think.

If you don’t know how to change your name into Katakana or don’t know the meaning of Kanji in your brain, I can translate it for you. Enjoy it!!

*It may take time to get result because this site is really popular. It had three hundred million accesses already.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

One of Hot Japanese "Heroes"

This amazing man, Masi Oka was not well-known in Japan till the drama; “Heroes” is big hit in the U.S. Masi Oka or Masayori Oka (his real name is 岡政偉) is the hottest Japanese in the U.S now.

Masi Oka was born in Tokyo, and moved to Los Angels, California at 6 years old with her mother. He speaks English, Japanese and fluent Spanish. You can guess he is now American, but he still has Japanese citizenship.

What made Masi famous in the U.S is a popular drama, “Heroes” on NBC. The drama was started to broadcast in 2006, and Masi plays role in Hiro Nakamura. He speaks lines in both Japanese and English in the drama. The lines of Heroes are all written in English, so Japanese for Japan scenes lines are translated by Masi himself. With his effort, he produced a great Japanese saying in this drama. He says “Yatta!” when Hiro Nakamura done best in the drama. “Ytta! (やった!)” is used to show you are happy or that you approve of something in Japanese.

Masi started his career not as an actor but a developer of special effects for movies. He worked in “Star Wars Episode 1, 2”, and “Hulk” as a background staff.

In this connection I may add that he once appeared on the cover of magazine, “Time” as one of “Asian-American Whiz Kids”. His IQ is 189 ,and he went to Mirman School for gifted.

For you who want to know more Masi Oka, here are interesting interview in Tavis Smiley.

Masi plays Hiro Nakumura in "Heroes"