Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Visiting Enoshima


Jarad said...

Awesome pictures!

kayanon said...


Thanks! I love these pics.

Jarad said...

Yes, I was lucky enough to see Mt. Fuji from the plane when I flew to Osaka. I was trying to explain to a friend just how big the mountain is, and I had to show him your pictures. Do you happen to have bigger versions of these pictures? I would like to use one as the background on my computer if you don't mind!

Ragge said...

Very nice! Have a nice day!

kayanon said...


I am sorry I don't have bigger versions of Mt Fuji pics. I went Shizuoka 4 years ago and took some pics of Mt. Fuji, but they are gone somewhere.

You can use the pic on my article, of course!

kayanon said...


Thanks! Have a nice weekend!