Sunday, September 09, 2007

What Do You Have In Your Brain?

Isn’t it fun and curious if you can see what people think in real? You can find it out with “脳内メーカー(Nounai Maker)” by Usoko Maker. 脳内メーカー is popular website among Japanese now.

You just type your name (or someone’s name if you want to know), and 脳内メーカー tells you what you really think in your brain. I tried mine, and here it is.

Well, I don’t want to explain about inside my brain, but I do. You can see several Kanji in my brain, and they show what I am thinking. My brain has “休”, “金”, “友”, and “H”. So, I seem to think about “resting”, “money”, “friends” and “erotic thing”!

In case you try this, you type first and last name in Kanji if you have Kanji name. If you have alphabet name, you need to change it into Katakana, and it would work. For instance, “George Bush” can be “ジョージブッシュ”. Here is his brain inside. Wow, what a brain…!

脳内メーカー of course has unfounded way of judge people's inside brain, and it is just for having fun. It judge Kanji in your brain from Kanji in your name or Katanana, I think.

If you don’t know how to change your name into Katakana or don’t know the meaning of Kanji in your brain, I can translate it for you. Enjoy it!!

*It may take time to get result because this site is really popular. It had three hundred million accesses already.


Orchid said...

Oh my lord, what is that!!! Mine was all "H"(thinking of something sexual)!!!! well, I do once in a while, I guess, but I do also think about YOU as "friend" and of course a bit about "money", "family", "leisure" that stuffs...
But I have to admit it is funny site for sure.

kayanon said...


Hehe, your result sounds really funny! This site is soooo popular in Japan. You can see famous people's brain inside from the bottom of the site. Plus, you can have more fun with 前世の脳内メーカー. I tried mine, and had unbelievable result! You can try mine typing my name. まじひどいよ 笑

Orchid said...

It's funny! My前世の脳内メーカー also interesting!

Jarad said...

Mine was all 悩....

Ragge said...

Hey! How do you write Ragnvald in Katakana? Have a nice weekend!

kayanon said...


I haven't tried yourse, but so curious about it :D


Hmmm, so you are suffed something...


I am not sure the sound I see from the alphabet is correct or not, but I think it can be changed ラグバルド ? Try it with this Katakana!

Ragge said...

Haha! Have no idea about what this means. Please explain :-D


kayanon said...


That's cool result! 友 in blue letter means "friends" and the kanji, 眠 at the center of your brain means "sleep". so, you think of your friends a lot but wanna sleep a bit. Is this true? :D

Ragge said...

Yeah! :-D Maybe two 眠 instead of one would be more correct today, but yeah very correct :-)

sawada said...

this is the url that shows what is in my brain. can u please translate it!! i dont under stand what is says!!!

please help me

u can email me at