Sunday, October 28, 2007

Big Revision of Kojien

Japanese people may look up a word in 広辞苑(Kojien) at least once in their life. Kojien is famous Japanese dictionary which is really thick published by Iwanami Shoten. It was published since 1955 and has been sold 11,000,000 copies.

In January, new Kojien will appear, and its content will be revised dramatically. Young people’s sayings, slang are written in that. For instance, ニート(Nîto), 逆切れ(Gyakugire), イケメン(Ikemen), うざい(Uzai) and more. There will be 240,000 words in it, which is the greatest number in Kojien history.

Do you know the all above words? I pick up slang from them and explain about it. イケメン, in short, stands for good-looking man. It is the shorten word of イケてる面 (Iketerumen, イケてる means nice, 面 means face) and also considered as イケてるメンズ(Iketeru Mens), メンズ is an abuse word though.

Especially, girls use this word when they find handsome guys. Definitely, girls say “Ikemen!” to Orlando Bloom, Takuya Kimura and I Byeongheon. I would say it to Adam Brody from The O.C for sure :P

If someone say you are イケメン, that is really nice word of priaise!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Not To Be “Sneezed”

ハクション(Hakushon)! This is typical sound for sneezing in Japanese. Sneezing is translated into Japanese as くしゃみ(Kushami). I know in western country, people say “bless you!” when someone sneezes. Japanese doesn’t say anything against it, however, people in middle ages used to say “くさめ(Kusame)” as a spell. Around the ages, people believed sneezing let soul out from nose and people’s life span would be shortened. Therefore, people said “Kusame” and since when don’t know, the word turned to be “Kushami” then; sneezing itself is called “Kushami” now.

Here is Japanese superstition about sneeze. If you sneeze once, people think that somebody is gossiping about the person and it is good one. If it happens twice, that turns to be bad gossip, and even more in third time sneeze.

Do you also have superstition about sneezing in your country? And I’m curious to know what you say when you sneeze.

Here is a tip: ハクション大魔王(Hakushon-Daimaou), old Japanese animation. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Unlimited Bubble Packing

I am sure some people love to play with bubble packing by pushing them. Bubble packing is plastic materials with air in it, and usually used for as a wrapping of fragile things. This is funny but when people have bubble packing in their hands, they cannot help pushing them.

Playing with bubble packing could be good for relax or get rid of frustration sometimes. Normally, it always has the end. When you push one, it’s done. However, Japanese toy company, Bandai was succeeded to produce endless bubble packing toy.

The toy name is “∞プチプチ (Mugen Puchipuchi)” Bubble packing is called プチプチ informally in Japan, and ∞ means unlimited, which means you can play with bubble packing forever. Of course, sounds come out when you push it. There are 5 different color of it; white, blue, purple, orange and black. It costs 819 yen which is not expensive.

Bubble packing company, Kawakami industrial Co, .Ltd shares large amount of bubble packing in Japan has heart shape one in thousand bubble packing. If you find heart one, you may feel you are lucky. According to this, ∞プチプチ also has a trick. You could hear obviously different sound one in a hundred times of pushing.

In my case, I like to push bubble packing one by one, and destroying them at one time by twisting the sheet. Anyway, Bandai has sold three hundred thousand of ∞プチプチ in 9 days from its on the market. Do you think this toy will be big hit even in other countries??

Monday, October 08, 2007

Newborn Culture in Akihabara

One of new Japan sightseeing spots, Akihabara has queer but attractive air all over the town. Although now Akihabara is known as anime Mecca for people who love cartoons and other stuff like that, called Otaku, the place was originally famous as huge electric town before.

You can buy every kind of electrical appliances, second hand items, of course, and even tiny electric parts for electric construction and amateur radio machine. Now, anima stores lines outstandingly on Main Street. Everything is related to animation; comic books, figures, novelty goods, games, CDs, magazines and costume!

Another thing what Akihabara made famous is Meido(メイド), girls wearing housemaid costume. You can see these girls everywhere in Akihabara. Some wear it for solicitation of shops, and others wear it for have fun. Girls below are the later ones, and let people take photos of them. The sign they have says “ふり~はぐ(free hug)”, so one of my guy friends hugged them J I think I am going to write about Meido in details someday with Meido café.

You can actually see Cosupure people (コスプレ is shortened word of Costume play). Most disguise in animation characters. What I was surprised at Cosupure people is guys who wear sailor blouse which Japanese girls at high school wear, and even princess dress! I knew there are various people here, but I had culture shock when I really faced that culture. Akihabara is totally another world in Japan, and anything can happen there.

Akihabara information from here