Sunday, October 28, 2007

Big Revision of Kojien

Japanese people may look up a word in 広辞苑(Kojien) at least once in their life. Kojien is famous Japanese dictionary which is really thick published by Iwanami Shoten. It was published since 1955 and has been sold 11,000,000 copies.

In January, new Kojien will appear, and its content will be revised dramatically. Young people’s sayings, slang are written in that. For instance, ニート(Nîto), 逆切れ(Gyakugire), イケメン(Ikemen), うざい(Uzai) and more. There will be 240,000 words in it, which is the greatest number in Kojien history.

Do you know the all above words? I pick up slang from them and explain about it. イケメン, in short, stands for good-looking man. It is the shorten word of イケてる面 (Iketerumen, イケてる means nice, 面 means face) and also considered as イケてるメンズ(Iketeru Mens), メンズ is an abuse word though.

Especially, girls use this word when they find handsome guys. Definitely, girls say “Ikemen!” to Orlando Bloom, Takuya Kimura and I Byeongheon. I would say it to Adam Brody from The O.C for sure :P

If someone say you are イケメン, that is really nice word of priaise!


kevin said...

Adam Brody, eh? :P

Thanks for the article. Very interesting.

kayanon said...


Do you know Adam? Is he popular in Canada?

I am big fan of The O.C, and I like Seth/Adam.

By the way, I like people say "eh?". It reminds me of Canada.

kevin said...

I'm a bit late on the response, but I've watched a bit of the O.C myself. Ever since The O.C started airing every day on MuchMusic, it's become very popular where I live (Toronto).

Hehe, I didn't even notice that I typed "eh"... I'm so Canadian. :P

kayanon said...


Now, The O.C is broadcast on both cable TV and commercial boradcasting. I love the drama!

Yeah, I like Canadian says "eh". When I was in Canada, I tried to use it pretending Canadian :P