Monday, October 08, 2007

Newborn Culture in Akihabara

One of new Japan sightseeing spots, Akihabara has queer but attractive air all over the town. Although now Akihabara is known as anime Mecca for people who love cartoons and other stuff like that, called Otaku, the place was originally famous as huge electric town before.

You can buy every kind of electrical appliances, second hand items, of course, and even tiny electric parts for electric construction and amateur radio machine. Now, anima stores lines outstandingly on Main Street. Everything is related to animation; comic books, figures, novelty goods, games, CDs, magazines and costume!

Another thing what Akihabara made famous is Meido(メイド), girls wearing housemaid costume. You can see these girls everywhere in Akihabara. Some wear it for solicitation of shops, and others wear it for have fun. Girls below are the later ones, and let people take photos of them. The sign they have says “ふり~はぐ(free hug)”, so one of my guy friends hugged them J I think I am going to write about Meido in details someday with Meido café.

You can actually see Cosupure people (コスプレ is shortened word of Costume play). Most disguise in animation characters. What I was surprised at Cosupure people is guys who wear sailor blouse which Japanese girls at high school wear, and even princess dress! I knew there are various people here, but I had culture shock when I really faced that culture. Akihabara is totally another world in Japan, and anything can happen there.

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Akihabara seems very strange! I just hope that it will still have electronic shop, because just seeing meido café and ad about strange anime must be rapidly boring.

I think this otaku culture is no more only japanese. For example, I recently look for wallpaper for cell phone, I was amazed by the top downloaded in anime section.

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What you need to keep in mind about Akihabara is that it's not all anime people and maids. While I was there on a Sunday (the day to go, since they close the street to traffic for pedestrians), less than 1% were dressed up, and about 60% were otaku taking pictures. There's tons of electronics to buy and anime shops, and there are even street performers that tend to draw a crowd, singers and small bands and such. The difficulty is weaving through all the people that will suddenly stop and take a picture, or that will take up half the street as they try to take a picture of one or two girls dressed up!

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