Saturday, December 15, 2007

Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility

Have you heard of Asimo (アシモ) before? Asimo is humanoid robot which Honda developed. The word Asimo comes from “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility”. It is not a big surprise anymore that it can go up and down the stairs.

The first Asimo was officially announced in 1996. It has 130 cm tall, and 52 kg. The speed of walking of “Asimo 2005” is 2.7km/h, and can run 6km/h. It is not put on the market yet, but you can lease it from Honda at the cost of 20,000,000 yen per year. Asimo succeed in ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange as the first creature besides human.

In December, Honda announced new technology this year. The new Asimo can avoid people or leave his post to make way for them in front of him. Even some Asimo can exchange information each other by radio, so they cooperate together, for instance one Asimo lead a guest to the table and another asimo brings drink to the guest. What is more impressive, asimo charge battery voluntarily before the buttery run out.

More information about ASIMO


kevin said...

I heard something about this. Very interesting... If I had millions of dollars I might consider picking one up. :P

albert said...

I think you meant "battery" =)


kayanon said...


Hahaha, it would be nice if they serve coffee every morning :D


Oops! Thanks for the tipo :)

PBY said...

This is very cool, but without any real application for the moment, because of the price. The only possible application I heard of, is to use them in lobby for welcoming and orienting people, for security reason (no human employee in the lobby, therefore it not possible to take them as hostage).

For other uses, the development is very slow, I think. Go itself to the battery charger is something that the robotic lawn mowers are doing since years!

Anonymous said...

I think ASIMO deserves a pet AIBO!

kayanon said...

right! Aibo is also clever robot.