Saturday, January 19, 2008

7 Days and Planets

Some of the readers here may already know how to say the day of the week, but I want to introduce them and how to remember them.

Here is the list of the day of the week.

日曜日 (にちようび / Nichiyoubi)…Sunday

月曜日 (げつようび / Getsuyoubi)…Monday

火曜日 (かようび / Kayoubi)…Tuesday

水曜日 (すいようび / Suiyoubi) …Wednesday

木曜日 (もくようび / Mokuyoubi)…Thursday

金曜日 (きんようび / Kinyoubi)…Friday

土曜日 (どようび / Doyoubi)…Saturday

In Japan, the week usually starts with Sunday. You can see most calendar has Sunday first.

The only you need to remember is the word before “曜日/ Youbi”; 日、月、火、水、木、金、土. Those words are called “七曜 / Shichiyou” and stands for 7 planets you can see with the naked eye.

日 = Sun
月 = Moon
火 = Mars
水 = Mercury
木 = Jupiter
金 = Venus
土 = Saturn

People say just like日(Nichi)、月(Getsu)、火(Ka)、水(Sui)、木(Moku)、金(Kin)、土(Do) when they count the day of the week. For instance, you can say “土、日は休みです。(どにちはやすみです / Do Nichi wa Yasumidesu” means “I’m off on Saturday and Sunday.”

I know Chinese call the day with numbers, 1, 2, 3 …How do you call the day of the week in your language? Does it also have planets name?

Here is the link about planets on my blog "8 Planets on the Solar System"


PBY said...

In French, the name come from Latin, in fact, on the last version of Latin words. Therefore, the name from Monday to Friday are coming from the same planet as in Japanese, but for Saturday (Samedi) and Sunday (Dimanche), the Latin words evolved to a more religious meaning, losing the direct reference to planets.

Also, the week starts here on Monday (and this is now the international standard).

From where the Japanese words are coming? You wrote that Chinese are counting, I see that Portuguese also for week days, so the Japanese words are a local invention? with the same reference (and same order) than in Latin?

Jenny said...

Thank you for the interesting post!
In Hebrew we used to call days of the week by numbers, like: the first day (Monday), the second day (Sunday) etc...
In Russian it the same:)

Jenny, Israel

Jarad said...

In English, it's similar with some days. Sunday, Monday specifically.

I did some research and it seems that most Latin based languages also use the days of the week match up with the seven "ancient planets".

vivi said...

Romanian (starting with Sunday):

I couldn't tell you planets, we never really talked about them in Romanian since my parents speak English fluently

(vivi is the name of my dog, by the way, I thought it would be a cute nickname)

Is the series Sailor Moon still running? I wonder if they had to retire Sailor Pluto...

kayanon said...


I was serching where those words Japanese words come from, but couldn't find good reasons... I feel like it comes from foreign country, I guess.


Oh, that is interesting! In Chinese, they say like 星期一、星期二、星期三…


thanks for the link :) So, Japanese also based on Latin?


Hi vivi! I finally could know your nickname :) It's cute. Is your dog a girl or boy?

Well, i don't think sailor moon is running. i was into the anime when i was a little. Hahaha, that's funny about sailor pluto. Here is the link of image of salor pluto.

vivi said...

Interesting pic, I take it that Sailor Pluto has some kind of power over time (based on the picture).

Vivi's a girl. I'll have to post a photo sometime.

kayanon said...


i would like to see her photos :)

i actually have a dog, but at my parents house though. i miss her a lot ;(

albert said...

Sailor moon.. haha

They started the lolicon era, didn't they?

kayanon said...


maybe they did :P

do you like it?

albert said...

ohhh noo... いやだよ

Amy Kyon said...

Mmm... In Spanish xD