Sunday, January 13, 2008

Matsushita, National, Panasonic → “Panasonic”

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. has announced to change its company name to “Panasonic” to strengthen the world brand name on 10th January. (The company productions; Lumix for digital camera, Diga for blue-ray disk recorder, Viera for plasma TV etc…)

Matsushita has distinguished the brand name for products; digital electrical appliances for abroad such as plasma TV are called “Panasonic” and white goods for domestic is called “National”.

The company is aiming to appeal the name in foreign markets to compete with other brand by uniting “Matsushita”, “Panasonic”, and “National”.

The origin of “Panasonic” is the created word, “Pan” and “Sonic”. Pan means known throughout the country, and Sonic means sound. Therefore, it totally means/wishes to let the sound of company be known throughout the country.

I think this is a good idea to unit all brand name in one, I somehow feel a bit sad to loose Matsushita and National name at the same time though. Anyway, it is likable to compete and appeal electronic brand in the world, them it will bring costumers good effects.

Do you have any Panasonic product?


Jarad said...

I have a panasonic telephone and stereo!

PBY said...

Panasonic is a well know brand in France, but not all Matsushita. The only products with the Matsushita name I know were CD-Rom drive, and it was knew as an other name for Panasonic!

Even with that, most readers were branded Panasonic, but my first CD-Rom drive (4x speed!) is only marked Matsushita. It's the only Panasonic item I own (I prefer Pentax and Sony brands).

Anonymous said...

You are too cute. You have a typo, though. Bland means boring or dull and uninteresting.

We also get attached to brand or company names.

Here in the US, sometimes stores buy each other out, and then get renamed.

There was a store in Chicago that was bought my the New York store Macy's. People in Chicago actually protested the name change, and they have a website:

Anonymous said...

oops, I made a typo, too!

There was a store in Chicago that was bought BY the New York store Macy's. People in Chicago actually protested the name change, and they have a website:

kayanon said...


Wow, i didn't know Panasonic telephone is sold in the states! Are there Panasonic mobile phone as well?


I think I don't have any Matsushita named product. My mom uses Lumix which looks pretty nice to use.


Oh my goodness! I didn't notice the mistakes at all! Anyway, thank you so much for letting me know. This is how i learn English :P

>Here in the US, sometimes stores buy each other out, and then get renamed.

It is the same in Japan. Bank is outstanding. There are 3 mega banks so far. Certain bank has long name picking up 3 original AABBCC Bank.

Jarad said...

This phone is similar to the ones we have at work!

Jarad said...

hrm, it got cut off :(

albert said...

Wow I didn't know that Panasonic had so many different brands. Korean companies like Samsung and LG usually only have those names only on their products, but I guess because Japan is so much bigger it can do stuff like that.

A few years ago I bought a Panasonic DVD player for my parents, it's still holding up pretty well it seems.



albert said...


Elena Margherita said...

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Anonymous said...

kayanon> Being willing to make a mistake here or there is a great attitude to have.

My sister and I both grew up with English and another language.

I never spoke our parent's language because I was afraid to make a mistake. My sister spoke even with mistakes and my parents would correct her.

Now she has learned our parent's language well and can talk to anyone, but I can't!

kayanon said...


Wow, looks tough! Is it panasonic?


You are from Korea? I know Samsung and LG :) They are getting big firm in the world. It's nice you presented panasonic DVD player for your parents! Actually, my parents also has panasonic DVD. They bought it 3 weeks ago.


Yeah, i know what you mean. i used to be afraid to make mistakes, especially when i talk to native english speakers. Now, i dont afraid of it so much. the most important thing is not try not to make a mistake, but tell people what i want to say. which language does your parents speak beside english? (may i ask?)

Anonymous said...

Sure you may ask. I just didn't mention it because it's not very widely spoken: Romanian

I understand it very well but I would also like to be able to speak it. It's very similar to Spanish so it was helpful when I learned Spanish in school.

I am not a big talker even in my native language (English) so it makes it that much harder for me to be willing to talk to people in other languages I've learned.

I know it would make a huge difference in how much I could learn, though. It's really the most important thing you can do in learning a language.

That's why I think it is so impressive that you write this blog. Actually it's rather inspiring!

kayanon said...


oh i see, Romanian. I wish I could speak one more language. I learned Chiniese in my college, but I forget most of them.

I will keep writing this blog for my egnlish practice. i found this is really nice. people correct my english and even communicate with them throughout my blog. i hope you will visit my blog sometimes :)

vivi said...

Yeah, I do check in here once in a while. I guess I should switch from anonymous to a nickname

kayanon said...

vivi, i'm glad to have you here again! ok, so all anoymous here must be you, right? nice to meet you, vivi :)

vivi said...

nice to meet you, too!

i wouldn't say all were from me, but probably 10 or so...

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