Saturday, February 09, 2008

Okinawa Sweet, Chinsukou

I’ve never been to Okinawa(south island in Japan), but I am into Okinawa sweet, Chinsukou (ちんすこう) recently. When people went to Okinawa, they definitely would buy it as a Okinawa souvenir.

Chinsukou is one of the traditional sweets in Okinawa. It is made of flower, sugar and lard mainly. It is like a crunchy sweet cookies and good much with Japanese green tea. In acient time, only a royal family and nobles were allowed to eat it when they have some celebrations.

There are so many kinds of Chinsukou; cheese, chocolate, purple sweet potato, pine apple, nuts, raw sugar, salt and so on.

Now that Chinsukou is famous Okinawa sweet, you can buy it in Tokyo or Kanagawa easily. It probably isn’t sold in small supermarkets, but you can find one in big ones.

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Orchid said...

Oh my lord, I LOVE chinsko.
This is one of the greatest sweets in Japan! I like yam and brown sugar tastes.

kayanon said...

hey! I didn't know you love this. Yeah, bronwn sugar tastes good. I like salt one the best!

vivi said...

never tried it, but sounds good!

maybe I can find a recipe and make it myself

Anonymous said...

Visit Tokyo said...

I tried couple of sweets when I was in Tokyo and I liked them. I like some foods over there like I am a great fan of sushi....