Saturday, February 02, 2008

Out with the demon and in with fortune!

Setsubun(節分), the day before the calendrical beginning of spring, is one of the traditional events in Japan. The word “Setubun” comes form “dividing the season” originally.

On February 3rd, Setsubun, people scatter roasted beans in the house saying “鬼は外、福は内!/Oni-wa-Soto, Fuku-wa-Uchi! (Out with the demon and in with fortune!)” After scattering beans all over the house, people eat beans as the same numbers of their age. For instance, if you are 23 years old, you need to eat exactly 23 beans.

Beans are considered to have power for cleansing a person of evil influences. Therefore, people take powerful beans into their bodies and it means that beans will have fortune in their house.

Hey, it snowed today in Kanto area. This is my first time to see snow lie on this much here in Yokohama!


PBY said...

3rd February is very early for beginning the spring season. Is it already spring in Tokyo area (you are in Kamakura, no?), or it is only in Kyushu?

What is the demon, the winter?

kayanon said...


Tokyo and whole japan are still in winter, and February is the coldest month in japan, i think.

i dont know what exactly the demon is. Anyway, since it is kinda period in the year, so it means to purify bad things.

PBY said...

That's already a good amount of snow. If you don't need to use a car, it's not really a problem, but if, like me, you need to take the car everyday, it's already very annoying.

Is the Kanto area equipped for this amount of snow? In my region, this was the normal amount, but I remember in Paris, an amount like this is extraordinary, like a little cataclysm (car circulation very difficult because nobody know how to drive on snow!)

kayanon said...


i know what you mean. it's scary to drive in snow.

it was crazy having snow in a big city. Transportations are down, and people got injured. People here don't know how to walk in snow...

albert said...

Ah, those pictures were just like this morning in Chicago. The roads were like slush and it was hard to walk around because it was hailing at an angle. Grrr