Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Hip-Hop Black Guy Who Finds Japanese Soul

ジェロ(JERO, Jerome White, Jr) is such an awesome black guy who made his debut as an Enka singer in Japan!

ジェロ was born in 1981 in the Pittsburg, the U.S. His grandmother was Japanese (already passed away), and he was affected by her who loved Enka (演歌, a traditional-style Japanese popular song).

The guy who learned how great Enka from his grandmother went to Pittsburg University majored in science. Since he was fascinated by Enka a lot, he came to Japan to be an Enka singer in 2003. While he worked as a computer engineer in Japan, he was keep singing as an armature Enka singer. In February, 2008, he made his debut as a professional singer with the song, “海雪(Umiyuki, ocean snow)” from Victor Entertainment.

Here is his first song music video, 海雪 by Jero. Check this out!!

You would believe “Japanese” sings this song if you hear only the song itself. The gap with Jero’s appearance which is just like hip-hop guy attracts people in Japan. Jero himself and that singing style (even hip-hop dance with the Enka song shown in the music video) are very fresh and innovative idea.

Now, Jero’s 海雪is in top 10 in music chart in Japan.

*By the way, he says he is not interested in hip-hop songs. He only sings Enka!


albert said...

That's a really, really weird mixture of images. He sounds great though!

kayanon said...


Yeah! He sings really good! I sometimes cant stop the song in my head!

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) look at that emo boy one at this blog: