Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Japanese Sword Museum

Ninja, Samurai, Daimyou…People outside Japan are fascinated by the Japanese culture, especially boys.

There is one maniac museum in Shibuya word, The Japanese Sword Museum (日本刀博物館). Katana (Japanese swords) are displayed all over in the museum. It has a collection of 120 pieces of swords and sword fittings including National Treasure and important Cultural Property.

The fee is 525 yen for an adult and you can get brochure in English. The title of brochure is “Manual of How to Handle and Take Care of Swords”. I found it is quite interesting even you don’t have any Katana. For instance, “Whether drawing out a Tachi or Katana, one must hold the cutting edge up and grasp the scabbard from underneath in the left hand in a forward holding position. Then, hold the hilt from above with the right hand” quotation from the brochure.

I admit the Katana are shinny and beautiful. There are even art. However, I felt it was OK because only Katana are displayed (there is an old Japanese armor displayed though) and maybe girls are less interested in this stuff. If you are Katana mania, this is must-visit place for sure.


PBY said...

It seems to be an interesting museum.
I will go if I have time to spend in my near Japan travel.

It took me forever to find the museum on my Tokyo map, the museum website's map is not very helpful. As always, the map is not correctly oriented (north on top). This time is best: north indicated, but in the wrong direction!

Can you time explain to us how Japanese people use map, with north not indicated, and no north on top orientation. I saw some map which were totally unusable because of this.

kayanon said...


I think this museum is for guys. You will find the museum in Shibuya.

How Japanese people use map? Hmm, I am not sure. Without North indicate, people can understand, no?