Thursday, March 13, 2008

White Day -It’s Boys Turn-

Just right one month later of Valentine’s Day on March 14th, there exist “White Day” in Japan.

Girls present chocolate to boys on Valentine’s Day (refer to Valentine’s Day) and it is the day that girls confess their love to boys. Then what is White Day? If you receive chocolate on Valentine’s Day, you “have to” give them back sweets like candy, marshmallow and white chocolate to girls. This day is originally born in Japan.

These days, I see boys are buying sweets preparing for White Day. It is said that it is manner to give back to girls something deserves three times. So, boys simply can’t give cheep sweets to girls.

White Day custom is carrying out in Taiwan and Korea as well. I know there are black day, yellow day, rose day etc about love romance in Korea. What about in your country?


albert said...

I heard about this through my Japanese class. If the guy gives the girl something that's less than 2 or 3 times the price, it's a way of saying "I'm not interested."


(by the way, it's "cheap" not "cheep") :)

Ragge said...

Buhuu! We only have the ordinary valentines day here, so no sweets for me...

But got an easter gift from my project admins when I came to work this morning, a bar of chocolate and a game of yatzy :-p I don't suffer...

kayanon said...


oops, thanks for the tipo! Well, that's the way in Japan :P


good for you :) I liked the chocolate you sent me on the other day!

Ragge said...

Hey! I'm glad you liked, typical Norwegian christmas chocolate :-)

どりてぃんドリーム said...
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Jackie said...

In Ecuador for Valentine's Day guys give flowers, chocolates, and a cute Teddy bear to girls that's like saying "I like you a lot" or "I love you".If it's just frienship then mostly guys give flowers to girls and some chocolates. It doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive it's the actions of interest in a guy that girls care about. Also, girls give some Teddy bears or chocolates to guys but it's not that often as I have seen it. Because in Ecuador it's mostly guys have to demostrate their love for girls :)